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I found many beautiful flowers on our car

On the roof...

Flowers of snow 1

Flowers of snow 2

and on the window...

Flowers of snow 3

Flowers of snow 4


↓           ↓
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Happy New Year 1001

Happy New Year!

from -15℃ cold Göteborg in Sweden.

Happy New Year 1002

It is very cold and much snow in Sweden now.

Happy New Year 1003

But I prefer the winter like this.
It is brighter with snow and I feel better

In the center of the city Göteborg, I found this.

Happy New Year 1004


"Puss" in Swedish means "kiss" .
So it means "kiss station".

You can just step on the red heart and kiss.

I think this is a nice and cute idea!
I like it.

Of course, we kissed

In the freezing evening, I felt a bit warmth of happiness.

A pile of such small happiness makes you really happy.

If everyone feels happy, it might become peace in the world...

I just felt such a hope.

I wish you all can feel such small happiness everyday.

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It is already Christmas.
Time really flies!!

This year we bought a Christmas tree,
not a real one but an artificial one

Xmas tree

Some of the ornaments are my precious memories,
from Bloomingdales and Henri Bendel in New York,
from fairtrade shops in Dhaka,
from Harrods in London,

Xmas ornament 01 Xmas ornament 02
Xmas ornament 03 Xmas ornament 04
Xmas ornament 05 Xmas ornament 06

and from swedish Christmas bazar, etc.

Xmas ornament 09

This year my husband and I celebrated Christmas at home in Geneva.
We had Christmas dinner with a bit from Geneva and some from Sweden.

Xmas dinner 01

First course was foie gras and paté representing Genevese (or French) food.

Second course was Swedish.
Some pickled herrings (mastard flavor and "skärgårdssill"),
smoked salmon and gravlax with gravlax sauce,
and boiled egg with some caviar.

Main course was also Swedish.
"Janssons frestelse" (Jansson's temptation) and meatballs.
Of course with lingonberry jam.

Xmas dinner 02 Xmas dinner 03
Xmas dinner 04 Xmas dinner 05

In fact, "Julskinka" (Christmas ham) is important dish,
but it's too big for us just 2 persons

We had prepared a plate of some cheese and dessert,
but we were totaly full up so we gave up!!
Dessert was "Bûche de Noël".

Buche de Noel

Now it is less than one week left until the new year.
May the new year bring you happiness!!

Greeting card

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The weather in Geneva in Autumn and in Winter is not agreeable.
The sky is gray, it rains much and it is dark...

The beautiful autumn colored leaves are crying in the rain.
They have already started falling.

One day in last week, when the sun broke through the clouds,
I went out to my favourite park beside the Lac Leman, Mon Repos, with my camera.

Autumn promenade 01

Autumn promenade 02

Autumn promenade 03

Autumn promenade 04

In Europe the yellow is dominating the autum color.
There are very few red colored leaves.

Autumn promenade 05

I continued into the Botanical Garden, but didn't stay there long,
because it was near the closing time.

Autumn promenade 06

Autumn promenade 07

Autumn promenade 08

I walked back home alongside the lake.

Autumn promenade 09

Autumn promenade 10

Autumn promenade 11

More Photos
(Please click ▲ "Play" to start the slideshow.)

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